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BioScrip provides its infusion and home care services from nearly 80 locations across U.S.

BioScrip, Inc. is the largest independent national provider of infusion and home care management solutions, with approximately 2,100 teammates andnearly 70 service locations across the U.S. BioScrip partners with physicians, hospital systems, payors, pharmaceutical manufacturers and skilled nursing facilities to provide patients access to post-acute care services. BioScrip operates with a commitment to bring customer-focused pharmacy and related healthcare infusion therapy services into the home or alternate-site setting. By collaborating with the full spectrum of healthcare professionals and the patient, BioScrip provides cost-effective care that is driven by clinical excellence, customer service, and values that promote positive outcomes and an enhanced quality of life for those it serves.

Our platform provides nationwide service capabilities and the ability to deliver clinical management services that offer patients a high-touch, community-based and home-based care environment. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians, including pharmacists, nurses, dieticians and respiratory therapists, work with the physician to develop a plan of care suited to our patient’s specific needs. Whether in the home, physician office, ambulatory infusion center, skilled nursing facility or other alternate sites of care, we provide products, services and condition-specific clinical management programs tailored to improve the care of individuals with complex health conditions such as gastrointestinal abnormalities, infectious diseases, cancer, multiple sclerosis, organ and blood cell transplants, bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies and heart failure.