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Los Angeles Chargers Daily Links: Film Room: Identifying how Derwin James will make an immediate impact – Brandon ThornPerhaps the most valuable part of James’ skill-set resides in his ability to play lockdown man coverage on tight ends Youth Darius Philon Jersey , backs, and receivers from a wide variety of alignments. This first clip is against Miami, with the offense in a shotgun 2脳2 formation and James aligned as the nickel linebacker in man coverage vs. their in-line tight end.Bolts Buzz: Chargers React to Derwin James’ First Pitch – Hayley ElwoodGetting to throw out the first pitch at a Major League Baseball game.But, the perk doesn’t come without pressure.Just ask Chargers rookie Derwin James who bounced his pitch at the Angels game.A few of James’ teammates in the secondary shared their thoughts in the video below Youth Virgil Green Jersey , but Casey Hayward took to Twitter shortly after the pitch happened to tell James how he really felt about his performance.Charger Girls Bring Open-Call Auditions to the South Bay – Chargers.comThe Charger Girls will perform at all home games at StubHub Center and serve as ambassadors for the organization at business, community and charity events. The Make-a-Wish Foundation, Wounded Warriors, American Diabetes Association and D.A.R.E. are among the many non-profit organizations which have benefited from the Charger Girls’ support.Pair of Unheralded TEs Stepping into the Spotlight – Ricky Henne“That’s such a hard position to find guys and develop guys there Philip Rivers Jersey ,” he said.“So when you find guys that get better in practice, and it’s showing up against our defense in some of those look-team things, you get excited about it. Now the next step for them is can they do it in our offensive scheme? Can they show up and make those kinds of plays? Not when it’s against the defense in practice, when we’re really competing against our guys.”Los Angeles Chargers find ‘very gifted young man’ in undrafted rookie Tony Brown – Mark Inabinett”I talked to coach Lynn. I met him when I was a child . … ing-jersey , but I didn’t know a lot about him. But when I talked to him, he let me know the relationship and reminded me of it. He let me know the opportunity I had to make the team here. I liked what he was saying.”-Social Media Information:BFTB Facebook Page: Click here to like our pageBFTB Twitter: Follow @BFTB_ChargersThe Lightning Round Twitter: Follow @Lightning_RoundThe Lightning Round Facebook: Click here to like our pageBFTB Manager: Richard Wade: Follow @RichardWadeChargers announce practice squad signings The Chargers have officially announced a portion of their practice squad of players they had in-house. The players the Chargers cut yesterday, passed through waivers and were signed to the practice squad so far are:WR Dylan Cantrell LB D’Juan HinesDL Steven RichardsonDE Patrick AfriyieS A.J. Hendy WR Andre Patton OL Trent ScottAnother player who has a shot to make it to the practice squad is quarterback Cardale Jones who was kept on the initial 53 man roster but cut this morning to make room for players the Chargers tried to claim off waivers. Here’s what GM Tom Telesco had to say about Cardale Jones:There is also another player that wasn’t on the Chargers roster but the team has claimed but not officially announced. It’s Tight End Thomas Duarte:Check back to see who the rest of the players are that are going to complete the Chargers practice squad.


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