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  • What Content Length Earns The Most Money From Ads? February 18, 2020
    Publishers who monetize with display ads typically want to get the most value possible from their content. How does one accomplish that goal? There a variety of factors that affect how much revenue publishers earn—UX, ad placement, ad size, the value of your available ad inventory to advertisers, and more. But what about the content […]
    Allen Longstreet
  • Office Hours February 17, 2020
    The post Office Hours appeared first on Ezoic.
    Tyler Bishop
  • Office Hours Registration Page February 14, 2020
    The post Office Hours Registration Page appeared first on Ezoic.
    Amanda Brawn
  • Demo Registration Page February 14, 2020
    The post Demo Registration Page appeared first on Ezoic.
    Amanda Brawn
  • Ezoic Demos February 14, 2020
    The post Ezoic Demos appeared first on Ezoic.
    Amanda Brawn
  • CDNs vs Caching: What Are They And How Are They Different? February 8, 2020
    What is the difference between CDNs and caching? CDNs are geographically distributed networks of proxy servers and their objective is to serve content to users more quickly. Caching is the process of storing information for a set period of time on a computer. The main difference between CDNs and caching is while CDNs perform caching, […]
    Allen Longstreet
  • The State Of Page Speed In 2020: Statistics Publishers Need To Know February 6, 2020
    Publishers in the new year might wonder where the state of page speed stands in 2020. In 2019, Google introduced the Chrome User Experience Report and announced the upcoming badge of shame in Chrome browsers. These types of changes make it clear that the conversation of site speed and its relation to SEO isn’t going […]
    Allen Longstreet
  • What’s A Good Bounce Rate (Plus Other Engagement Metrics) In 2020? February 4, 2020
    A good bounce rate for your site is mostly dependent on the type of website. Content websites have average bounce rates between 40-60%, while service and retail sites see average bounce rates between 10-40%. Blogs tend to have the highest average bounce rates, between 70-98%. Most digital publishers understand that there’s a relationship between bounce […]
    Allen Longstreet
  • The Top Earning Website Categories In 2020 January 28, 2020
    It’s known in digital publishing that certain categories of websites are more valuable to advertisers. This is why serial site builders will build out sites in certain niches that pay higher ad rates. Both veteran publishers and those new in the space may wonder—what are the top earning website categories? The data to help answer […]
    Allen Longstreet
  • How To Fix Mobile Heading Fonts In Divi With One Easy Step January 27, 2020
    We recently found that many sites were experiencing issues trying fixing mobile heading fonts in Divi and found the only solutions that existed were plugins. Many of these additional plugins broke other elements of Ezoic’s site. While Divi’s adaptability as a complete design framework is easy-to-use, publishers who used different themes before Divi might find […]
    Allen Longstreet

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